Procedure time

45 minutes


Minimal swelling, bruising or tenderness that may last up to 4 weeks


Not required

Results duration

Permanent. Results best achieved following a course of treatments/6 weeks apart.


Mild discomfort


Short term risks such as bruise, inadequate result, irritation, skin damage.

DesoFace and DesoBody next-generation fat-dissolving designed for stubborn pockets of fat that do not shift with diet or exercise. Deso (Deoxycholic Acid) is designed for those patients with a healthy BMI weight who wish to target small areas of fat that are disproportionate to a healthy weight.

Depending on the area treated and the amount of fat several sessions may be required to achieve the desired result. Areas such as double chin, abdomen, buttocks, back amongst many are suitable.

Only a qualified medical professional should administer this treatment to ensure a safe and effective result.


£250 per treatment

£350 per treatment

All courses booked and paid in full – 10% discount.

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